Classic Tattoo in Cleveland, Ohio is now open.

I am now working @ Classic Tattoo right outside of Cleveland in the burb named North Olmsted. The shop just opened and it is a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere. I am working with crew of talented and experienced tattooers including Matt Simmons, Joshua David, and Cole Crawford. If your in the cleveland area and want a good tattoo, stop by. I have a bunch open time to tattoo this summer, so set your appointments up asap. Also the Innerstate project at hell city was an amazing experience for me. I had a blast painting next to artists that I have looked up to since I was young. Thanks Guy and Michele for organizing the amazing project. A book and dvd will be coming out on it, so be sure to pick it up from Hyperspacestudios.com. Check out the painting I did for it in my artwork gallery. Phil Robertson