New bio organic tattoos uploaded and travel dates.

Hey its been a bit since I have updated anything. I have been busy with life in general and am addicted to drawing biomech on my computer. Hell city in Killumbus went great as always! Durb and Tony put on one hell of a show every year!! Thanks guys! I uploaded a tattoo and I did on a good friend and client named Shawn Brady. He wanted organic bio eagle mech. Well at least thats what I call it. Its a pretty crazy tattoo, we did it in 4 session all within a month and a half. I also have some travel dates coming up! Including jumping out of an airplane in CA with Carson Hill on my 30th birthday which is a friday the 13. I am super excited for that one!!! here are my travels this summer July 26th thru 28th @ Off the Map Tattoo in MA (already booked) July 29th thru aug 1st @ the Visionary tattoo arts fest in Ashbury Park, NJ Aug 10th thru 16th @ Neuma tattoo headquarters!! Aug 27th thru 29th @ Hell City Phoenix, AZ If you want to schedule a tattoo appointment with me, email with your ideas!! Take care, phil robertson