Monumental art show

Hello everyone, long time since my last update. Been busy with life and such. I just wanted to let everyone know that my friend Kevin Cly is curating an art show at the Tricky Tortoise brewing company in downtown willoughby, Ohio April 28th 11-3 pm. Stop by and check out the awesome art. I'll have 2 paintings available. Thanks for all the support. 


Fall booking

I am now booking new projects for the fall quarter. I would really love to tattoo some female faces and biomechanics incorporated into the designs. Also glowing mandalas would be really fun. Contact me to get your new project going. 

Another thing, thanks for all of the support over the years! I could be doing this with out all of my awesome clients. Thanks a million. 


Another great Hell City

What an awesome show!  I got see some awesome friends and had a hella of a time. I got to make another tattoo with my buddy Josh Ruff! Check it out in my gallery. 


Prints in stock!

Hey everybody, I hope your spring is off to a good start. I'm excited for Hell City Columbus this month. I'll have a limited run of prints there for purchase there.

I am also booking for July and august right now for tattoos. Contact me for more info. 


10th Planet

Hello all, I have gift certificates available at a special deal for the holiday season.  For every 100 dollars you spend you'll get an extra 25 dollars added to it. I am accepting PayPal and can mail the certificates out to you with an extra special gift inside. Contact me asap to get in on this deal. 

Also my my homie the legendary Eddie Bravo and his jiu jitsu school 10th planet released some color ranked rash guards that I designed for them. Sick weed dragon mech. If you are are jiu jitsu head go buy one at www.10thplanetjj.com/. 

'Thanks for all the support over the years and happy holidays,



Paradise tattoo gathering

I am excited to be tattooing at this years Paradise Tattoo Gathering this month. I have Friday open to tattoo something fun like a mandala, flowers or some gnarly biomech. Contact me to set something up.




Cleveland tattoo arts convention

So the first annual Cleveland tattoo arts convention is over and it was a fun time. I made some rad tattoos and hung out with great friends all weekend. I had the opportunity to tattoo in the fusion tattoo ink booth with my homie Jerad Driscoll. Great times and funny stories. 

Im currently booking for new bio mech tattoos, so contact me to set up your next tattoo!

thanks, Phil. 


1st annual Cleveland tattoo arts convention.

The 1st annual Cleveland tattoo arts convention is this weekend. January 29-31 at the new convention center in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Stop by the Classic Tattoo booth, say hi and pick up some new shirts and merch. 


Happy New Years.

Happy New Years everyone! I'm looking forward to see what 2016 has in store for me. I hope everyone had a safe night. 

I also will be trying to update this site more often this year. Also, I got published in a few new books recently, sketched out, perfect tattoo artists and a rad book out of Argentina called cavaleras. Very thankful  for my tattoo family. 

Love you all!


Another great Hell City

Had a great time at Hell City. It was full of friends, painting, fun tattoo times and jiu jitsu. Who could ask for more at a tattoo convention. I can't wait to do it again. Thanks Durb!


Website facelift.

I have finally updated this site!  Thanks to tattoonow for all the help. Hell City Killumbus is fast approaching May 1-3rd in beautiful Ohio!  I will have a limited run of prints available, so stop by my booth and say hello and pick soone up while they are available.  


I'm at Off the Map in MA

I am at Off The Map Tattoo in Easthampton, MA this weekend. I'm excited to back in New England. I Also posted a few newer tattoos, so please go check them out. 


prints for sale

I now have prints of my paintings available for purchase through redbubble.com, just go to https://www.redbubble.com/people/philrobertson to browse whats available.  There are iphone cases and tote bags, throw pillows and multiple print options.  I also have hand screened limited edition bio t shirts availble through me, just message me for more info.  I hope everyone is having a great autumn!  Its my favorite time of the year and I am feeling very inspired to create. I am also selling some of my favorite paintings that I created to make room for more.  Contact me to see whats available.

contact me at philrobertsontattoos@yahoo.com or text me @ 614-906-2546

thanks you for all of your continued positive support, if it wasnt for my awesome clients, i would be lost.



Contact is down

Hey I apologize if I haven't responded to anyones email.  My contact is down on this site.  Email me at Philrobertsontattoos@yahoo.com or text me at (614)906-2546 for appointment information.


Thanks for all of your support,



summer 2014

Lots of things are in the works this summer and fall.  I am working at Reserve Tattoo in downtown cleveland now.  It's a beautiful appointment only studio and I share the building with Frank's Chop Shop.  Its located at 668 prospect ave in downtown Cleveland.

Also I will be attending the Mighty Hell City tattoo convention in Arizona this august.  Email me for availabilities.



Booking info for 2014

Hello everyone and happy new years!  I hope all of you had a great holiday season that was drama free and peaceful.

I am booking for febuary and the rest of 2014, contact me for more info @(614)906-2546 or just email through the contact button here.

I also posted some new digital sketches of art that I want to tattoo.  Go check them out in the art section.




Winter 2014

            Winter is on its way here in Cleveland, Ohio and with that my wife and I are going to be welcoming our greatest creation to date.  Our first child.  I will be taking a few weeks off to welcome her to this world.  After that I will be back to the grind and I am currently booking for the new year.  So here is your chance to book an appointment to get that custom tattoo you always wanted.  Contact me for info on setting up a consultation.


Here is a fun digital painting I made for Rosalie's room of my dog Poppy.  

Thanks for all the continued support!



Hell City Phoenix, AZ

I will be tattooing in Phoenix, AZ this weekend, August 24th-26th.  If anyone is wanting to get tattooed, I have some time available friday and saturday.  Text me @ 614-906-2546 for more info.

Also go pick up issue 290 of Tattoo Magazine.  I have an interview and some tattooed published.

Eclectic Tattoo Company is going great, I couldnt of asked for a better enviornment to work in.

Thank You


New studio

I am now working exclusively at Eclectic tattoo company in North Ridgeville, Ohio with Dewey Smith, the maker of Orphan Irons tattoo machines.

Contact me through this site to get more info on setting up an appointment.

Thanks for all the support.



Summertime Madness

Hello again, it has been a long time since I have updated this blog.  Alot has been going on, first and foremost is that my beautiful wife is pregnant with our first child.  We are really excited for this new stage of life!  She is in her second trimester and everything is going great, I am really looking forward to being a father.

 Another once in a life time experience happened in april this year, I earned my blue belt in Gracie jiu jitsu.  Jiu Jitsu has changed my attitude and out look on life for the better.  There is nothing like getting your ego defeated on a weekly basis.  It has put things into perspective for me.  Thanks Helio! If anyone out there is bored and wanting a change of pace in their life, train jiu jitsu!  Great work out and you learn how to defend yourself and protect your family.  

So onto the tattoo part,  Ty McEwen and myself will be tattooing at Hell City Phoenix this year together.  I believe we are both still booking appointments and or taking walk ups.  Contact us for more info on this.  Also I am scheduling in cleveland for the fall as of right now.  So if you are looking to book an appointment for a custom tattoo, now is the time to set up those consultations.  Text me at (614)906-2546 or email through this website to get your tattoo project rolling.  

I hope everyone has a great summer!



Red Tree Tattoo guest spot

I am going to be doing a guest spot at the famous Red Tree Tattoo Gallery March 14 thru 17, 2013.  I am really excited to tattoo alongside my good friends down there and Carson Hill will also be tattooing there that weekend.  It is gonna biomech filled weekend.  If you want to book an appointment with me for it, email me or text me with your ideas to (614)906-2546.

Also I have a few paintings in the march issue of Tattoo Magazine, my dog Meatball got a full page!

Thanks, Phil Robertson...


new year

Hey my email through the contact on here is working again.  If you emailed me inquiring about setting up an appointment and did not get a respnse, just send it again.  I will make sure that I respond in a timely manner.  


Happy new year everyone!  Stoked for 2013!

Phil Robertson


Prints available!!

Hey everyone I have prints available finally on canvas.  I have been painting and tattooing a whole lot.  

If you would like to purchase a print, contact me and we can set it up.  I have them on streched canvas for a fair price. 

I am also booking appointments for december and 2013.  Set up a consult and lets get a fun project rolling.

I would also just like to thank everyone of my friends and clients for their continued support.  THANK YOU ALL!


Phil Robertson


end of summer madness.

Hey everyone. Lots of new projects are in the works here. We change the name of our tattoo shop to the Reserve tattoo and will be adding a new location on west 25th in cleveland. It will be a beautiful space to work, I am stoked to be back onthe westside! The scheduled opening date is set for November 1st. I will keep you all informed on it and when the opening party will be. It is gonna be a rager! Also I had a chance to tattoo at a tattoo convention here in downtown cleveland this past july. It was a fun show and got to tattoo alongside Durb Morrison, Adam France and Al Garcia. I also won a trophy for artists choice top 3 best sleeves on a client. It was a great time all around. I also have some open time to start some larger projects this fall. Contact me if your interested in getting a new tattoo.


Hey Cleveland, new tattoos and art uploaded.

Hey everyone how is it going?  I have not updated in a bit, been busy with life.  Lots of new stuff in the works.

 Tons of new paintingsin progress and a bunch of digital art.  Stay tuned for some pictures.

Until then check out some of the new tattoo photos and painting I uploaded.

If your interested in getting tattooed by me, email me or call or text me for info.


take care!

Phil Robertson



Moving Studios

As of August 2nd, 2011 I will be tattooing @ Alligator Ink Studios alongside Al Garcia.

The studio is a fully custom, appointment only space.  It is inside Blondie hair design and is beautiful!

I am currently booking for the end of august and beyond.

So come check out the new studio and set some time up with him for your next custom tattoo.

7342 Mentor ave. Mentor, Ohio 44060



Also Hell City is next month!!!!



Hell City tattoo fest Phoenix!

Hell City tattoo festival is right around the corner.  (www.hellcitytattoofest.com)  I cant wait for this event,  it is the funnest convention around.  I am now booking appointments for it, so if you want to get tattooed, contact me asap.  

Also the Paradise tattoo convention is right after that.  I also have time available for tattoos there too, so contact me with your ideas and to set up an appointment with me.  

Enjoy your summer everyone!  I know I am .................


Spring is here

Spring time is here in cleveland and its about damn time.  

This means that you should come book an appointment with me to get your next tattoo.

Bring on the bio mech, floral tattoos, and video game portrait or comic book tattoos!

Also if you are in the cleveland area and you want to get in shape and learn some self defence,

Come train at Hoy's Martial Arts Academy with me.  Sifu Chris Hoy teaches Jeet Kune Do, Silat, Kali, Muay Thai and cardio kickboxing.

Treat your body and soul this spring.



Musink con this weekend

 Hey all, I will be tattooing at the musink tattoo convention this coming weekend.  I have some limited time available for tattoos, so if you want one, stop by my booth!  After the show I will be tattooing, slacking off and getting into some mischief at Coil Tattoo gallery with Nathan Kostechko in downtown LA.  If your in LA and want a fun custom tattoo from me, contact me asap. 

This spring I will be at the shop alot finishing up some bigger projects and starting some new ones.  I am always down for some smaller one session tattoos, so get at me and lets do some work.

take care




 Winter is here and it is mighty cold here in Cleveland.  It is the perfect time of year to get tattooed. So contact me with your tattoo ideas to get something new this winter.  I am always taking on new projects that spark my interest.  

Also Matt Simmons and myself are going to be tattooing at the Musink tattoo convention the first weekend of march.  Stop by the booth and get tattooed!


take care


Winter in Cleveland, Ohio

 Winter is right around the corner here in Cleveland.  Its gonna be filled with snow and bunch of bio mech for me.  I am looking to take on a couple full back tattoos of bio mech.  So if your reading this and live in or around cleveland and want a gnarly back tattoo, act now.  I have been tattooing alot and barely posting the in progress work.  I have quite a few new sleeves in the works that I will hopefully post in the next few months.  Also I would love to do some more one or two session flower tattoos.  So ladies get yourselves some flowers this holiday season because your loved will probably forget to get you some.  

Check out the new bio mech tattoos and paintings I uploaded.

Happy Holidays!


Hell City tattoo fest Phoenix!

I will be tattooing at the Hell City Phoenix Arizona show August 27 thru 29th. If any of you want to get tattooed by me, just come up to my booth and shoot me your ideas. I will be working along side Muriel Zao again. It is gonna be an awesome show. On monday after the show a few of us will be skydiving!! If you are interested in jumping contact Carson Hill via facebook. I jumped with him while I was out in california earlier this month tattooing at Neuma Headquarters. It was a life changing experience that everyone should try. See ya in Hell!!!!

Summertime Madness

 This has been amazing so far.  I just back into Cleveland after a trip to the bio mech factory.  The bio army created some rad new moves and shapes.  From there I went to Off the Map tattoo for a guest spot.  I tattooed some really fun tattoos on some awesome clients.  Thanks to Gabe, Mary, Ben and the crew at OTM for making it happen.  

My next travels will take me to Neuma tattoo in oxnard, ca August 10 thru the 16.  

then the Hell City tattoo convention in phoenix, az August 27 thru 29th.  

I still have some openings during this adventure, so hit me up to get a custom tattoo.


New bio organic tattoos uploaded and travel dates.

Hey its been a bit since I have updated anything. I have been busy with life in general and am addicted to drawing biomech on my computer. Hell city in Killumbus went great as always! Durb and Tony put on one hell of a show every year!! Thanks guys! I uploaded a tattoo and I did on a good friend and client named Shawn Brady. He wanted organic bio eagle mech. Well at least thats what I call it. Its a pretty crazy tattoo, we did it in 4 session all within a month and a half. I also have some travel dates coming up! Including jumping out of an airplane in CA with Carson Hill on my 30th birthday which is a friday the 13. I am super excited for that one!!! here are my travels this summer July 26th thru 28th @ Off the Map Tattoo in MA (already booked) July 29th thru aug 1st @ the Visionary tattoo arts fest in Ashbury Park, NJ Aug 10th thru 16th @ Neuma tattoo headquarters!! Aug 27th thru 29th @ Hell City Phoenix, AZ If you want to schedule a tattoo appointment with me, email with your ideas!! Take care, phil robertson

Hell City tattoo fest Killumbus!!

I am really looking forward to the Hell City tattoo festival in columbus, Ohio May 21-23. I am completely booked for the show with some really fun tattoos. There will be a bunch of great events going on that weekend so dont miss this show. www.hellcitytattoofest.com. Also I will be returning to Off the Map tattoo for another guest spot July 26-28, then off to the visionary tattoo arts festival in Ashbury park, Nj. Contact me for appointment availability. Cleveland is finally starting to warm up and plants are starting to come back to life! Yayy for spring!!

Detroit Convention and new tattoos.

This years Motor city convention is at the end of this month, 26th thru 28th. I will be tattooing at again, so come by and say hi! This show is always a fun time, 2 years ago we snuck a keg of Great Lakes Christmas ale in. I also wanted to tell you about my wife Mindys art show at the Greenhouse Tavern in downtown cleveland on the 28th. She is doing a solo photography show that should be awesome. Its from 7 to 11pm and will hang for a while. Go check it out! There is a few newer tattoos i posted to, so go check them out. check out my handsome puppy named Meatball posing!! What a model..

Hey Cleveland, new biomechanical tattoo uploaded.

Hey winter is here in lovely Cleveland and its a good time to get those tattoos you want. A few new tattoos and painting have been uploaded, so go check em out in the gallerries. I am now booking appointments for 2010, so contact me with your ideas, placement and budget. Also I will be tattooing in new england at Off the Map tattoo in East Hampton, MA from January 12th thru the 16th. Contact me for availability. Happy Holidays!!! ....Phil

New tattoos uploaded

Hello all, I just uploaded a few newer color tattoos to my website. Go check them out. The jellyfish was done at the San Diego convention. Oh how I miss California, we will meet again soon. My time @ Coil Tattoo Gallery was a great time. Thanks Nate and Lauren for all the hospitality!! I will also be doing another guest spot @ Off the Map in January. So if anyone in new england wants a fun custom color tattoo, then hit me up. Happy Holidays! ....phil

Tattooing in Los Angeles, @ Coil Tattoo Gallery...

I will be guesting at Nathan Kostechko's new studio in chinatown Los Angeles October 26th. From there we are going to tattoo at the San Diego convention on Halloween weekend. Starts October 30th thru Nov 1st. It is gonna be a fun time all around. If your out in that area and are looking to get tattooed by me, hit me up with your ideas through the contact page on my website. I'm looking to do some beautiful floral tattoos or some interesting bio mechanical stuff. Also my wife and I just got back from another inspiring trip to Hyperspace. I just want to thank both Guy and Michele for all their hard work... Thanks!

New tattoos uploaded

I have uploaded a couple new tattoos that I finished up this month. Go check em out. So summer is coming to an end here in Cleveland and I am dreading the winter...But thankfully I will be tattooing at Hell City next weekend in Phoenix, AZ. Its gonna be a scorching fun time. I have a few openings on friday and saturday there. Its gonna be first come basis. Then on sunday I will be working on a bio mech leg sleeve on my good friend Ronnie. Stop by the booth and check everything out. I will also have a few prints available too. See you hellions there!

Hell City tattoo fest

The best convention in the land is fast approaching and I still have a couple openings for tattoos. This convention at the Biltmore in phoenix is awesome! Tattoo vacation! If any one is interested in getting a rad biomech or floral tattoo, contact me asap to set up an appointment. I will be working alongside Muriel Zao. I also just uploaded a few new tattoos that I have done recently and a biomech full sleeve that I am working on. Go check em out and if your in the cleveland, ohio area stop by classic tattoo and book some time with me. see yall in Hell!!!!

Hell City Tattoo fest,Phoenix

I have some appointments available a the Hell City tattoo fest in Phoenix, Az this september. I am wanting to tattoo some bio mech, floral or portrait type tattoos. So if anyone wants a rad tattoo, ill hook you up. Check out www.hellcitytattoofest.com for more details. Also our grand opening party was a huge success at Classic tattoo. It was a blast a we had a huge turn out and some fun tattoos got done. thanks everybody for your support!

Grand Opening Party, Classic tattoo cleveland

We are having a Classic tattoo grand opening party on July 12. Free beer and BBQ. Its gonna be fun, so come check out the new tattoo studio and all the rad cars that the Rumblers are gonna bring. Remember, free beer! I also just posted a new portrait tattoo that I did of Marilyn Monroe. Go check it out....

New tattoos and paintings uploaded.

I have uploaded 2 new color tattoos and acrylic paintings. Check them out, the paintings are part of a series of flesh wounds. Fun stuff. Also, the grand opening party for the new shop that I'm working at is on june 12. Classic tattoo is located @ 23900 Lorain rd in North Olmsted, Ohio. There will be some awesome tattooing going on and free drinks and food. Come check the shop out and hang out with us. Our phone is (440)614-0447, call for more info or directions. thanks, Phil Robertson

Classic Tattoo in Cleveland, Ohio is now open.

I am now working @ Classic Tattoo right outside of Cleveland in the burb named North Olmsted. The shop just opened and it is a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere. I am working with crew of talented and experienced tattooers including Matt Simmons, Joshua David, and Cole Crawford. If your in the cleveland area and want a good tattoo, stop by. I have a bunch open time to tattoo this summer, so set your appointments up asap. Also the Innerstate project at hell city was an amazing experience for me. I had a blast painting next to artists that I have looked up to since I was young. Thanks Guy and Michele for organizing the amazing project. A book and dvd will be coming out on it, so be sure to pick it up from Hyperspacestudios.com. Check out the painting I did for it in my artwork gallery. Phil Robertson